Why Work With ERI
Your Needs : Our Service
Your Needs
Our Service
Low Costs and High Profit Margins
We find even with high mix and low volume machining
parts, there can be cost saving from 20 to 50%.The higher
the inherent labor content, the greater the cost reduction
Reliable Supply Chain to Ensure Sustained
We developed business processes from US practices
and are open to qualification by our customers. We
establish the process in China and work with suppliers
for continuous improves and compliance.
Guaranteed Quality and Reliability for Parts
and Business Deliveries
We have processes backed by legal and financial power
to ensure parts quality and on time delivery. As
requested, we will follow your procedures to meet your
product specifications We have tracking capabilities and
processes to track failures and analyze the root cause to
apply corrective actions
Responsiveness and Speed for Change
We have business infrastructures in both US and China.
Our people can be reached close to 24x7 for any
Business Risk Management
We have supplier selection policies and processes. For
each function, we have three suppliers in different
regions to diversify the risk. We have a customer approve
IP protection procedure and process to protect your and
your customers' IP
Business Partnership and Cooperation
We will work with you on your terms in the language you
speak according to your business standards and
practices. We will make suggestions based our
observations of  the details and market changes and will
work with your team to resolve any issues
We understand honesty is the best policy in the business
world and it will take us a long way. We will earn you trust
through working with you. The next generation of supply
chain is (DDSN) Demand Driven Supply Networks which is
building long term partnerships with suppliers and
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