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What You Need - What ERI Provides
What You Need:
What ERI Provides:
Lower Costs:
Lower costs mean increased profits and increased
We offer global sourcing from low cost centers of operation.
Cost savings often are in the 35% to 50% range versus
domestic costing.
In today’s world, high quality is a given and a must, without it
low cost doesn’t matter.
ERI believes in high quality, delivers to your requirements
and will comply to your procedures
Reliability is a fundamental to a successful product, supply
chain operation or engineering service
We don’t just inspect the product. We inspect and qualify
the production processes or engineering processes, our
key suppliers and the management to help assure that we
both have worthy supply chain and procedure s that meet
your requirements and expectations
Time to Value:
The faster you lower your costs or obtain your desired
service, the faster you meet your objectives
We combine our technical, business and management
knowledge along with local practices and lean operations
to deliver value to you in a fast manner.
Global Services Made Easy:
Outsourcing to a low cost global solution is a significant
task and process fraught with risks but with possibilities of
undeniable rewards
We have established our global supply chain for
manufacturing, engineering and materials, have the
business and cultural connections and knowledge to
quickly and successfully execute your global sourcing
Your contracts and business dealing are with ERI, a U.S.A.
based and located company.
Unfortunately, intellectual property protection is not the
same throughout the world. You need to take precautions.
ERI is a USA company. All of our contracts with you are
developed and based on American business practices and
regulations. We fully believe in and comply with U.S.
intellectual property protection standards and extend them
to our suppliers
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