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Quality Policy
ERI Quality Policy

ERI recognizes that to achieve our mission, Quality comes first and should be incorporated in it’s
operations. To achieve this, the company focuses on the following:
  • Strive to exceed Customer Requirements by delivering high quality products and services for
    low cost with intelligently engineered solutions and excellence in execution.

  • ERI is committed to Total Quality Management and continual improving. We strive to continually
    improve our systems and processes against customer requirements and quality objectives.

  • To develop employee skills through training, motivation and empowerment. The company works
    towards achieving improving employee satisfaction.

  • We treat our customers, suppliers and employees with the up-most in professionalism, respect
    and cooperation to achieve win-win relationships.
ISO 9001/2000:
    ERI is in the process of establishing and refining our company’s operational processes and
    procedures in accordance with ISO 9001/2000  guidelines. We have an active program to obtain
    ISO 9001/2000 certification in the near future.
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