How To Start with Us
  • Developing a reliable supply
    chain or outsourced process
    takes time to select and qualify
    the right supplier.

  • It takes continuous training and
    managing to develop your
    suppliers to into becoming
    preferred suppliers and then
    ultimately business partners.

  • World class OEMS put high focus
    and spend years to develop
    reliable supply chain
    management processes because
    it will pay back.

  • ERI will work with you to develop
    your global sourcing capabilities.

  • Together, let’s start something
    small to minimize risk
Manufacturing Starting Process Example
Customer Selects a Product or Part(s) for Outsourcing and Cost
Reduction (typ.has intristically high labor vs. material  cost ratio)
Contact with ERI to Start the Exploratory Process:
Why Global Sourcing? - ERI Mfg. Services & Capabilites - Customer
Customer Fit with ERI Solutions
Refined Product or Parts Selection for ERI Global Sourcing
Customer Sends RFQ with product & production specification information
Quote(s) Developed by ERI & ERI Supply Chain then Delivered to
Quotation Reviews and
Agreement to Proceed to Next Steps
Qualification Build Prepared, Performed, Inspected
and Deliver to Customer
Customer Evaluates Qualification Units & ERI Performance
Link to:  Contact Us
Customer  Makes Production Go-NoGo Decision
Contract Developed & Awarded for Production