Company Background: Everfast Research, Inc. (ERI) is a U.S.A. company, established in December 2003 by
an entrepreneurial  team of experienced engineering, manufacturing and supply chain professionals residing
and working in California’s Silicon Valley.

Our expertise is from the areas of mechanical design engineering, manufacturing engineering, production,
project and supply chain management in the semiconductor capital equipment and networking equipment
industries. We have strong and longtime ties into China and India and have developed our manufacturing
supply chain and engineering services, businesses and partnerships to capitalize on all of our strengths.

We are now operational to offer US and global customers with responsive, reliable, and customer-friendly
low cost China and India sourcing solutions for parts machining, assembly, test, materials sourcing, mechanical
design and engineering services.
The ERI Vision (where we want to go):
To become our customers’ primary choice of engineering and manufacturing solutions provider and business
strategic partner.

The ERI Mission (the reason for our existence):
To continuously create and deliver new strategies and methodologies to improve our customers’ profitability,
speed and responsiveness.
  • Providing new cost reduction opportunities
  • Superior manufacturing capability and engineering solutions
  • Add or enhance global capabilities for our customers
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