About Us
Everfast Research, Inc. (ERI) was established in December 2003 by a team of entrepreneurs with strong
management and technical experience in engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations residing,
connected and working in California’s Silicon Valley. Each of the members of the management team has over
20 years of experience in their respective fields and industries, working for small, medium and large
international corporations as well as startups.

ERI is a U.S.A. company with corporate headquarters and facilities located in Milpitas, California.

ERI Beijing is our China Operations headquarters and is located in Beijing, China.

We also have
supplier partners located in India.

Our Expertise is in the areas of mechanical design engineering, manufacturing engineering, project and
program management, NPI, prototype, specialty and volume manufacturing production, and supply chain
management in the semiconductor capital equipment, networking equipment and parts manufacturing
industries. The strength of the team is a combination of knowledge, experience, capabilities and commitment
to customer focused attitude.

Global Ties: We have strong and longtime business and cultural ties into China and India and have
developed our manufacturing supply chain and engineering services, businesses and partnerships to take
advantage of these strength.

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